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Encryption Tool for You. This is the website where you can easily encrypt any string into multiple types of encryption hash.
The Encryption is the conversion of data or information into a secret code that is hard to be accessed by unintended or unauthorized users. Chipper Text is the name to call any encrypted data format while Plain Text is for unencrypted data. You might have heard about those two terms as you've been a while in front of computers. The encryption is conducted to increase strengthen information security so you can maintain your files or messages inaccessible for unauthorized or unintended users as they can read, modify or edit them. The encryption is well-known to effectively protect any sensitive or important data. However, encryption only makes the data invisible to unintended users but it doesn't mean to be the files cannot be intercepted. When you need to view or access the encrypted data of information, Decryption is conducted to convert them into the original formatting

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What is Encryption

Actually, the idea of encryption had existed since the communication was developed centuries ago. War era was the period that used the encryption as the encrypted codes were used to communicate any commands, locations, strategies, secret information and so forth. This part of encryption history is known as Chippers in cryptography, it includes alphabet letter rotation and number substitution. Today, you recognize the algorithms do the hard work to encrypt any data or information by utilizing the digital signals to reform data bits. The decryption of any encrypted data or information can only be conducted by undoing the encryption algorithm using the correct algorithm key.

The data encryption is widely used in securing the government function like military, security, and defense. It's also publicly used as many corporations and organizations encrypt their sensitive data through their IT system. When you to purchase any goods online using your cards or electronic payments, the encryption is certainly applied through verification number or virtual account number.

However, the encryption is like a two-sided coin, as there are many abusive usages out there, Strong encryption renders itself to be unbreakable without the right algorithm or decryption keys. Many cybercrime and terrorist activities affiliated with unlawful organizations are reported utilizing the strong encryption to terrorize the government around the worlds through encrypted data camouflage. Strongly encrypted data are reported to result in more harmful and dangerous outcome. Corporations, organizations, and governments have been persuaded to use the chipper text to provide decryption keys of the data and secure them in a very safe place and can be used if there any decryption need to be conducted.

The encryption itself is categorized into two kinds. Symmetric Key Encryption is the first kind of encryption where the encryption and decryption share the same keys or algorithm. Both the sender and the receiver use the same encryption. Symmetric Key Encryption simplifies the process and makes it practical and faster. Nonetheless, compromise and interception issues threat the symmetrically encrypted data as they go online or while in transit over the Internet. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a modern and advance symmetric key encryption that replaces the Data Encryption Standard (DES)

In other hands, Public Key Encryption has a key that can be used by everyone to encrypt the information or data. However, only the intended receivers or authorities of the data who hold the decryption key to access the original format. Two different key is used, the public key and the private key. It's widely used in sharing the data or information through the internet. The data can be encrypted by the public key but decryption can only be conducted by the recipient using the private key. This method is usually utilized to send secure any e-mails and give the documents digital sign. The Public Key Encryption is manifested in Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and the Transport Layer Security (TLS)

The data security becomes the main concern for many individuals and organizations today. You can avoid the internet usage today as it has transformed the people's lives today. Shopping, reading news, gaming, social interactions can be done online through a various platform. When you subscribe any membership, creating a social media account, filling the questionary forms, you're actually sending your credential and personal information such as your identity and location. Speaking of which you're not safe at all.

When you go shopping online, you'll need to provide your real name, address, credit card information, all the data is transferred and transmitted to the stores or vendors. Any bug or gap over the internet is the point where the cyber crimes take their actions. In facts, there is huge cybercrime list that places information stealing as the main modus. Personal details and other private information can be phished as you're connected to an insecure network.

.Any confidential and personal information or data should be protected or other worst possibility can happen. As it landed on the wrong hands, it can cause great damage. You don't have to be a professional developer or encrypting expert to protect your confidential data or information. The best way you can safeguard your information through the networks is by installing the encryption software. There are many encryption programs available over the internet for free. There are programs utilize the algorithms to encrypt data. They're designed to be user-friendly and practical. However, best-reviewed products are the recommended ones.

Some of the security developer companies apply the most secure 256 SSL encryption code that can secure your confidential information. It;s suggested to install any encryption software that applies the 256 SSL products as you won't have to worry about the external efforts accessing your confidential data or information, they're completely safe. You need to be updated about any interception issues and probable threat so you can find any solutions through encryption software or hardware.

Updating your encryption software is very advisable so you can maintain safe connection all the time. However, please avoid any untrusted or uncertified sites or connections. Don't share your personal or confidential data unless you're in a secured line. In the end, the use of encryption is inevitable today, any activities that involving internet connection or data transfers should be encrypted.

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